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Ann Arbor  Detroit Regional Rail Project

October 5, 2010

Federal Highway Administration has received a notice of intent from the project team (MDOT/SEMCOG) to proceed with completion of an environmental assessment.  Public meetings will be held in either late 2010 or early 2011 to receive public input.

Event Trains
The project team will begin working with the transit operators regarding feeder service schedules for the Thanksgiving Day event trains.  MDOT is negotiating a service contract with Amtrak to run event trains in the corridor.

Round two ARRA funding awards are expected to be announced this month.

Rail Cars
The Federal Railroad Administration will begin inspection of the cars this month.

ADA Accessibility
The platform lifts that are required to ensure ADA accessibility will be provided by Adaptive Engineering.  These lifts will be customized to fit the rail cars.