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Ann Arbor - Detroit Regional Rail Project

Work is nearly complete on the refurbishment of a locomotive, coach car, and cab car for the Ann Arbor - Detroit Regional Rail Project. View the photos below to see the progress that has been made on MiTrain.

Cab Car Refurbishing
A cab car in its initial stage of refurbishment. Includes such things as removal of wheel sets and seats, and asbestos remediation. A cab car includes controls for the engineer to operate the train.

Train wheel sets
Completely overhauled trucks, or wheel sets, are delivered for installation.  Each wheel set weighs 18,000 lbs.

Passenger Car Refurbishing
Passenger car in the middle stage of refurbishment.  Note the overhauled wheel sets installed, logo applied, and windows removed.

Checking heating and cooling
The chief heating and cooling technician tests this car’s heating system in July by placing a bag of ice on the thermostat.

MiTrain nearly complete
A full train set, consisting of one locomotive, one coach car, and one cab car in the final stages of refurbishment. Once complete, each must pass a battery of safety and performance tests prior to use in service.