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 Ann Arbor  Detroit Regional Rail ProjectMay 2012 Update

In-motion testing of MiTrain rail cars
If you’re out and about in Shiawassee County the week of May 7-11, don’t be surprised if you notice a line of MiTrain passenger rail cars chugging down the tracks. What you’ll be witnessing is continued progress by SEMCOG and MDOT toward commuter rail service in the Ann Arbor to Detroit Corridor. The cars are nearing the final stages of testing before they can be used in service. Testing thus far has shown the refurbished cars meet the rigorous requirements of the Federal Railroad Administration and Amtrak.  As a next step, the in-motion testing next week is being conducted by the Great Lakes Central Railroad (GLC) to assure that the cars will provide a safe and comfortable ride for Southeast Michigan’s residents, business representatives, and visitors.  The final set of tests will be run by Amtrak on the Ann Arbor to Detroit corridor itself in the coming months.

These are former Chicago Metra cars, refurbished by the Great Lakes Central Railroad, being tested for future commuter rail service in the Ann Arbor-Detroit and Howell to Ann Arbor corridors.  The first use of these cars will occur in late 2012 or 2013 to access special events in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.  For more information, contact Carmine Palombo, Ann Arbor-Detroit Regional Rail Project Manager, at 313-324-3314.