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Ann Arbor - Detroit Regional Rail Project

The technical documents found below are a combination of previous study efforts along this corridor and reports produced as required by the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Starts Program.

The technical analysis summarized in these reports indicated the Ann Arbor –Detroit Commuter Rail project would not be competitive in the New Starts program. The region suspended the federal process and initiated a locally funded project to demonstrate that costs and ridership would be in a range to better qualify the project in the federal New or Small Starts program. This is an approach other regions have used as a first step toward a rapid transit system.

Capital costs, ridership, and fare reports are being developed for the current phase of the project and will be available by Fall 2008.

Project Update
May 2010(Web link)
March 2010(PDF, 67 KB)
February 2010(PDF, 20 KB)
January 2010(PDF, 91 KB)
October 2009(PDF, 47 KB)
June 2009(PDF, 48 KB)
April 2009(PDF, 47 KB)
February 4, 2009(PDF, 49 KB)
December 9, 2008(PDF, 31 KB)
September 17, 2008 (PDF, 53 KB)
July 11, 2008 (PDF, 13 KB)
April 9, 2008  (PDF, 32 KB) Map (PDF, 362 KB)
February 2008 (PDF, 50 KB)
December 14, 2007 (PDF, 54 KB)
October 18, 2007 (PDF, 17 KB)
August 6, 2007 (PDF, 63 KB)
March 28, 2007 (PDF, 34 KB)    

Draft Operating and Maintenance Cost Methodologies and Costs (November, 2006)(PDF, 334 KB)
Consolidated Capital Cost Results Report (July, 2006)  (PDF, 188 KB) 
Consolidated Capital Cost Results Report Appendices (July, 2006)(PDF, 140 KB)
Project Update (2005)(PDF, 15 KB)

Public Meeting Presentations and Materials
December 2006 Public Meeting Presentation(PDF, 1.41 KB)
December 2006 Public Meeting Presentation Boards(PDF, 1.88 MB)
September 20-22, 2005 Meeting Presentation(PDF, 3.55 MB)
Federal Process(PDF, 75 KB)
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) (PDF, 1.13 MB)
Light Rail Transit (LRT) (PDF, 1.88 MB)
Commuter Rail Transit (CRT) (PDF, 1.25 MB)
Initial Evaluation Criteria(PDF, 104 KB)
Bus Rapid Transit Alternative 5 (BRT5) (PDF, 808 KB)
Bus Rapid Transit Alternative 6 (BRT6)
 (PDF,792 KB)
Light Rail Transit Alternative 5 (LRT5) (PDF, 782 KB)
Commuter Rail Transit Alternative 1 (CRT1) (PDF, 776 KB)
Commuter Rail Transit/Bus Rapid Transit Alternative (CRT2) (PDF, 811 KB)

Alternative Analysis and Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Detailed Screening of Alternatives Final Draft (July 2007) (PDF, 343 KB)
Detailed Definition of Alternatives
 (June 2006) (PDF, 3.72 MB)
Detailed Definition of Alternatives - Appendix A: Running Times and Schedules(PDF, 137 KB)
Detailed Definition of Alternatives - Appendix B: Network Diagrams and Stringlines(PDF, 127 KB)
Detailed Definition of Alternatives - Appendix C: Technical Memoranda: Subalternatives Not Recommended for Further Study
(PDF, 2.03 KB)
Initial Screening of Alternatives and Recommended Alternatives to be Retained for Detailed Study(PDF, 518 KB)
Purpose and Need (revised May 2006)(PDF, 2.91 MB)
Purpose and Need(September 2005)
(PDF, 3.01 MB)
Initial Screening of Alternatives Appendices A-F1(PDF, 9.61 MB)
Initial Screening of Alternatives Appendix F2(PDF, 11.64 MB)
Initial Screening Newsletter (Fall 2005) 
(PDF, 570 KB)
Evaluation Methodology (March 2005)(PDF, 80 KB)
Preliminary Definition of Alternatives (April 2005) (PDF, 4.02 MB)

Downtown Detroit Metro Feasibility Study
Table of Contents(PDF, 74 KB)
Section 1(PDF, 90 KB)
Section 2(PDF, 1.88 MB)
Section 3(PDF, 420 KB)
Appendix(PDF, 85 KB)
Definition of Alternatives(PDF, 236 KB)
Downtown Detroit to Metro Airport Rail Study Report: Phases I, II, III(PDF, 4.06 MB)

Speedlink Study
Final Report(PDF, 2.27 MB)

Travel Survey
Special Event Intercept Questionnaire(PDF, 22 KB)
Student Intercept Questionnaire(PDF, 21 KB)
Worker Intercept Questionnaire (PDF, 20 KB)

Lansing to Detroit Study 
Baseline Survey Final Report(PDF, 562 KB)
Baseline Market Survey Presentation(PDF, 440 KB)
Phase One Report: Overview/History(PDF, 163 KB)
Phase Two Report: Corridor Inventory and Evaluation(PDF, 2.62 KB)
Phase Three Report: Detailed Analyses of the Selected Route(PDF, 9.3 MB)
Phase Four Report: Business Plan(PDF, 7.23 MB)
Exhibit VIII: Summary Benchmark Table(PDF, 11.3 KB)
Exhibit I: 10 Passenger Rail Systems Map(PDF, 72 KB)
Exhibit IX: Potential Route Alignments for the Lansing to Detroit Corridor(PDF, 207 KB)

SEMCOG Scoping Information Booklet(PDF, 2.14 KB)
Improving Transit in Southeast Michigan: A Framework for Action(PDF, 16.10 MB)