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Anchor Bay Watershed Group

Overview of Anchor Bay Watershed
The Anchor Bay Watershed is part of the Lake St. Clair Drainage System and provides recreation and aesthetic beauty to residents of Macomb and St. Clair Counties, as well as many visitors from around the region. The Watershed encompasses 171 square miles, including the Delta islands in Macomb and St. Clair Counties. In St. Clair County, the watershed includes all or parts of Casco, China, Clay, Cottrellville and Ira Townships, and the City of Algonac. In Macomb County, the watershed includes all of the City of New Baltimore and parts of Chesterfield, Clinton, Harrison, Lenox, Macomb and Richmond Townships, the Village of New Haven and the City of Richmond.

Map of the Anchor Bay Watershed

The watershed contains 473 miles of waterways. Major tributary streams include Auvase Creek, Beaubien Creek, Crapau Creek, Marsac Creek, Swan Creek, the Marine City Drain, Swartout Creek and Salt River.

Communities and School Districts within the Anchor Bay Watershed
Local communities within the Anchor Bay Watershed are working to protect the Anchor Bay, Lake St Clair, and the tributaries and drains leading to the Anchor Bay. These communities have developed the Anchor Bay Watershed Plan, which is a blueprint for improving and protecting the Anchor Bay. The plan was first completed in December 2003, and was updated in 2006.

Algonac Community Schools (nested under St. Clair County)*
Anchor Bay Public Schools (nested under Macomb County)*
Chesterfield Township*
Clay Township*
Clinton Township*
Cottrellville Township
China Township
Casco Township
Harrison Township*
Ira Township*
Lanse Cruese Public Schools (nested under Macomb County)*
Lenox Township
Macomb County*
Macomb Township*
New Baltimore*
New Haven*
New Haven Schools (Jurisdictional Permit)*
Richmond Township
St. Clair County*

*Phase II Permittee

Phase II Due Dates
Many of these communities and school districts are also under a federal Clean Water Act stormwater permit program . Under this permit program, these permittees are under numerous requirements and due dates.

Public Participation Plan March 1, 2010 
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Initiative (includes PEP, IDEP, alternative approach) Sept. 1, 2010 
Local stormwater procedures need to be converted to regulation Sept.1, 2010 
First Progress Report Sept.1, 2011 
Storm sewer system information Sept. 1, 2011 
Second Progress Report Sept. 1, 2013 
Revised Watershed Plan Sept. 1, 2013 

The Watershed Plan examines water quality data from Anchor Bay and its streams, the land use and water quality practices of the local communities within the watershed. The Watershed Plan also makes recommendations for water quality improvements. Local municipalities and county government are currently implementing this plan and meeting to discuss progress and future projects.

Anchor Bay Watershed Group Meeting Summaries

Anchor Bay Watershed meetings are held on an “as needed” basis at a location within the watershed. All are welcome to attend. Following are agendas and meeting summaries from the watershed meetings.  

2010 Meeting Calendar

February 9, 2010

May 12, 2010

June 22, 2010

August 17, 2010

Feb Agenda
Feb Meeting Summary

May Agenda
May Meeting Summary

June Agenda
June Meeting Summary

August Agenda
August Meeting Summary