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Creating Success in Southeast Michigan

SEMCOG worked with our members and partners in developing the Creating Success in Southeast Michigan initiative, which identified six interrelated outcomes as critical components for creating a successful and sustainable region.

Collectively, these outcomes are critical to our success as a region and as individual communities. Establishing measures to achieve these outcomes makes a difference because we manage what we measure...therefore, the decision on what we measure is critical. The set of common measures helps us determine what, where, how, and why limited resources will be invested and can serve as a springboard for SEMCOG and other organizations to align resources and work together toward our desired outcomes.

Outcomes: What we need to achieve

Economic Prosperity

Economic Prosperity

Desirable Communities

Desirable Communities

Fiscally Sustainable Public Services

Fiscally Sustainable Public Services

Reliable Infrastructure

Reliable, Quality Infrastructure

Healthy Attractive Environmental Assets

Healthy, Attractive Environmental Assets

Access to Services

Access to Services, Jobs, Markets, and Amenities












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  • The Outcomes Matrix provides an overview of the measures that drive the six outcomes.
  • Semscope on-line has in-depth information on the Creating Success initiative.