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Southeast Michigan

  Census 2010 Population: 4,704,809
Area: 4,598.1 square miles
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  2008 Land Use  

    SEMCOG 2008 Land Use   Acres Percent
    Agricultural 782,258 26.5%
    Single-family residential 1,285,441 43.6%
    Multiple-family residential 22,206 0.8%
    Commercial 98,115 3.3%
    Industrial 131,020 4.4%
    Governmental/Institutional 99,507 3.4%
    Park, recreation, and open space 212,086 7.2%
    Airport 11,280 0.4%
    Transportation, Communication, and Utility 238,942 8.1%
    Water 65,888 2.2%
    Total Acres 2,946,745 100.0%

Note: SEMCOG's 2008 Land Use data set represents land use only and not land cover. Due to this difference, change analysis using this data set and previous SEMCOG land use/land cover data sets in not possible. Noticeable differences in map appearance and classification acreage totals are the result of this land use data originating from digital parcel files assigned land use codes based on their assessed property class and the lack of any land cover data.

Land Cover

SEMCOG Land Cover in 2010

  Type   Acres Percent
  Impervious (buildings, roads, driveways, parking lots) 437,427 14.9%
  Trees (woody vegetation, trees) 892,329 30.3%
  Open Space (agricultural fields, grasslands, turfgrass) 1,493,202 50.7%
  Bare (soil, aggregate piles, unplanted fields) 28,748 1.0%
  Water (rivers, lakes, drains, ponds) 91,175 3.1%
  Total Acres 2,942,880 100.0%

Note: Land Cover was derived from SEMCOG's 2010 Leaf off Imagery.

Source Data

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