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Residential Building Permits

This database contains monthly residential building permit data for all communities in Southeast Michigan as provided by county and community building departments.

Both new units permitted and existing units demolished are displayed by type of unit: single-family, duplex or two-family, attached condominiums and townhouses, and multi-family apartment units. Data from July 1969 to the present are available.

The lag time on all permit data is one month. For example, communities have until the end of July to report data for June. Monroe County, which reports for all communities in the county, reports their permit data twice a year. The first six months of data usually arrives in August, the second half of the year in January of the following year.

Search the Permit Database

Search the permit database in two ways. A search by geography will return permit data for the selected geography over the time period you specify, by month or summarized by year. Searching by date will return all permits issued to any community for the specified time period.