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Staff Directory

SEMCOG staff has been reorganized from issue area departments to five functional groups. We want to ensure that our members and others continue to have the ability to contact our staff experts to have their questions addressed. Please feel free to contact Ms. Stephanie Taylor for any questions you may have at (313) 324-3330.

Additionally, as the transition evolves, following is a list of staff, their new functional groups, and their areas of expertise.

Name Functional Group Contact Them For E-mail / Phone Number

Anderson, William Tax And Local Government Operations anderson@semcog.org
(313) 938-4409
Austin, Audrey Internal Support Web Redevelopment austin@semcog.org
(313) 324-3346
Ayers, Angela Regional Policy ayers@semcog.org
(313) 324-3348
Boerger, Dave Membership/External Affairs Governmental Efficiency And Collaboration boerger@semcog.org
(248) 875-7120
Bourgeau, Alex Plan Implementation Transit, Nonmotorized bourgeau@semcog.org
(313) 324-3323
Branham, William Internal Support Computer Network branham@semcog.org
(313) 324-3411
Brooks, Granton Membership/External Affairs Rideshare, Ozone Action, Public Outreach brooks@semcog.org
(313) 324-3403
Brown, Buzz Membership/External Affairs Government IT And Fiscal Efficiencies brown@semcog.org
(248) 217-7979
Brudzinski, Stephen Plan Implementation Transportation Improvement Program, CMAQ brudzinski@semcog.org
(313) 324-3321
Bruff, J. Thomas Plan/Policy Development Transportation Engineering/Planning bruff@semcog.org
(313) 324-3340
Brydon, Trevor Plan/Policy Development Transportation Planning, Freight brydon@semcog.org
(313) 324-3336
Burns, Ann Data Collection And Analysis Geographic Information System, Aerial Imagery burns@semcog.org
(313) 324-3408
Chen, Jilan Plan/Policy Development Transportation Modeling, Air Quality chen@semcog.org
(313) 324-3326
Donahoo, Deanna Plan Implementation Traffic Safety, Access Management donahoo@semcog.org
(313) 324-3319
Egelton, Jody Internal Support Finance egelton@semcog.org
(313) 324-3423
Failla, Scott Internal Support Human Resources failla@semcog.org
(313) 324-3419
Feng, Li-Yang Plan/Policy Development Transportation Modeling feng@semcog.org
(313) 324-3331
Friedrich, Nicholas Internal Support Visual Communications, Web friedrich@semcog.org
(313) 324-3431
Hug, Edward Plan/Policy Development Transportation Asset Management, Data hug@semcog.org
(313) 324-3335
Huq, Naheed Membership/External Affairs Education, Workforce Development, Community Development huq@semcog.org
(313) 324-3356
Johnson, Calvin Plan Implementation Regional Review, Complete Streets cjohnson@semcog.org
(313) 324-3339
Johnson, Kevin Plan/Policy Development Economic Development johnson@semcog.org
(313) 324-3353
Jones, Mark Plan Implementation GIS And Green Infrastructure jones@semcog.org
(313) 549-0904
Jordan, Misty Internal Support Finance jordan@semcog.org
(313) 324-3364
Juncker, Ginger Membership/External Affairs Local Government Effectiveness And Collaboration juncker@semcog.org
(313) 215-8912
Karll, Kelly Plan Implementation Water Quality, Stormwater, Green Infrastructure karll@semcog.org
(313) 324-3375
Koenig, Christina Internal Support Database Management, Application Development koenig@semcog.org
(313) 324-3437
Krichbaum, Susan Metropolitan Affairs Coalition krichbaum@mac-web.org
(313) 324-3347
Lake, Jacque'l Internal Support Computer Support lake@semcog.org
(313) 324-3404
Layton, Trevor Membership/External Affairs Member Communications layton@semcog.org
(313) 580-6195
Li, Guangyu Data Collection And Analysis Forecast Modeling li@semcog.org
(313) 324-3443
Liu, Xuan Data Collection And Analysis Data Analysis, Forecasting liu@semcog.org
(313) 324-3441
Lomako, Kathleen Executive Director lomako@semcog.org
(313) 324-3302
Mallick, Sayeedur Rahman Plan/Policy Development Congestion Management, Transportation Planning mallick@semcog.org
(313) 324-3327
Malmer, Amy Membership/External Affairs Membership,Government Relations malmer@semcog.org
(313) 324-3308
Mangus, Amy Plan Implementation Water Quality, Stormwater, Green Infrastructure mangus@semcog.org
(313) 324-3350
Marks, Glenda Internal Support Visual Communications, Web marks@semcog.org
(313) 324-3430
Masud, Saima Plan/Policy Development Transportation Modeling masud@semcog.org
(313) 324-3341
McBroom, Jimmy Data Collection And Analysis GIS / Data Visualization mcbroom@semcog.org
(313) 410-4977
Mocadlo, Janet Data Collection And Analysis Development Data mocadlo@semcog.org
(313) 324-3434
Mohr, Brian Data Collection And Analysis Transportation Data mohr@semcog.org
(313) 324-3337
Morris, Robert State Legislative Activity morris@semcog.org
(313) 324-3333
Muller, Delores Data Collection and Analysis Application Development muller@semcog.org
(313) 324-3412
Nutting, Jeffery Data Collection And Analysis Forecast And Data Analysis nutting@semcog.org
(313) 324-3410
Palombo, Carmine Deputy Executive Director palombo@semcog.org
(313) 324-3314
Parkus, William Plan Implementation Lake St. Clair parkus@semcog.org
(313) 324-3351
Parthum, Brian Data Collection And Analysis Employment And Economic Data parthum@semcog.org
(313) 324-3432
Patel, Kajal Plan Implementation Transportation, Safety patel@semcog.org
(313) 324-3329
Pawlik, Brian Plan Implementation Nonmotorized pawlik@semcog.org
(313) 324-3426
Phillips, Susan Plan/Policy Development Economic Development phillips@semcog.org
(313) 324-3312
Quick, Carmil Internal Support Accounting quick@semcog.org
(313) 324-3422
Riggs, Ray Membership/External Affairs Public Safety Efficiency And Collaboration riggs@semcog.org
(248) 249-2450
Ross, Nathan Data Collection And Analysis Planning Assistant ross@semcog.org
(313) 324-3433
Saghir, Chade Data Collection And Analysis Transportation Data saghir@semcog.org
(313) 324-3342
Stefanski, Susan Membership/External Affairs Member Services stefanski@semcog.org
(313) 324-3349
Steinberg, Iris Plan Implementation Rideshare, Ozone Action, Public Outreach steinberg@semcog.org
(313) 324-3402
Stetler, Sue Membership/External Affairs Media Relations, Publications stetler@semcog.org
(313) 324-3428
Taylor, Stephanie Data Collection And Analysis Information Requests taylor@semcog.org
(313) 324-3330
Uppalapati, Sirisha Data Collection And Analysis Demographic Data uppalapati@semcog.org
(313) 324-3440
Vettraino, Kevin Plan Implementation Sustainability,Housing, Community Development vettraino@semcog.org
(313) 324-3357
Walt, Sally Membership/External Affairs Administrative Support walt@semcog.org
(313) 324-3317
Warner, Margaret Internal Support Accounting warner@semcog.org
(313) 324-3420
Weidner, Joan Plan/Policy Development Air Quality, Transportation, Sustainable Infrastructure weidner@semcog.org
(313) 324-3343
Williams, Kenneasha Administrative Support williams@semcog.org
(313) 961-4266
Youakim, Natalie Plan/Policy Development youakim@semcog.org
(313) 324-3405