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Vehicle-Deer Safety
Vehicle-Deer Crashes in Southeast Michigan 
There were 5,667 vehicle-deer crashes in Southeast Michigan in 2013 (up from 5,206 in 2012 and 5,443 in 2011). In 2013, there were two fatalities in Southeast Michigan involving deer compared to 12 fatalities in the state. Seven of the twelve people killed were motorcycle riders. To address motorcycle safety, the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition (MDCC) has developed special safety tips for motorcyclists.

SEMCOG reminds drivers to buckle up, stay awake, alert, and slow down — remembering that safety belts are the best defense in any collision. Also, be alert for deer in the spring and fall, especially at dawn and dusk — heeding deer crossing and speed limit signs, particularly on two-lane roads.

If a crash is unavoidable, SEMCOG cautions drivers: not to swerve out of their lane to avoid deer.  Instead, drivers should brake firmly while securely gripping the steering wheel to bring the car to a controlled stop. Then safely steer your vehicle off to the side of the road.

Southeast Michigan deer crash map  (PDF) 
Southeast Michigan deer crash table display (PDF)
State of Michigan deer crash table display (PDF)  

News and Updates
SEMCOG releases statistics on deer crashes in Southeast Michigan — September 25, 2013
SEMCOG Quick Facts: Deer Crash Statistics, 2012 
 (PDF, 381 KB) 

Total Deer Crashes by County (2012)
Livingston County   (PDF, 81 KB)
Macomb County (PDF, 79 KB)
Monroe County (PDF, 75 KB)
Oakland County (PDF, 104 KB)
St. Clair County (PDF, 81 KB)
Washtenaw County (PDF, 78 KB)
Wayne County (PDF, 86 KB) 

Michigan Deer Crash Coalition (MDCC)