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SEMCOG monitors residential and nonresidential construction in Southeast Michigan, providing important perspectives on the region's growth, including tools for economic and workforce development. SEMCOG's data and analysis help in local decision making.

Residential Construction

Building Permits Database
SEMCOG collects and publishes residential building permit information for all 233 communities in Southeast Michigan. Both permit and demolition information are collected for single family, two-family, and multi-family units. Permit counts from mid-1969 to the present are available.

Annual Reports
Summary totals of building permits by county, community, and for the region are available in annual reports:

Residential Construction in Southeast Michigan, 2013 (PDF, April 2014) 

Residential Construction in Southeast Michigan, 2012 (PDF, April 2013)

Manufactured Housing
Manufactured housing parks are defined as those parks containing three or more sites licensed by the State of Michigan. The SEMCOG manufactured housing dataset includes the name and location of the park and number of sites within the park. You can download a table containing detailed information on individual parks from 2013 below:

2013 Manufactured Housing Parks Table (XLS, 80 KB) 

2012 Manufactured Housing Parks Table (XLS, 80 KB)

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Nonresidential Development 
SEMCOG collects and reports on nonresidential development projects for all 233 communities in Southeast Michigan through data provided by local communities and county planning departments. These development projects can be of any size (in terms of square feet of floorspace), and fall into one of the following construction categories: new, additions to existing buildings, renovations of existing buildings, or redevelopment projects. SEMCOG also reports 10 types of development: entertainment/recreational, hotel, industrial/research/hi-tech, institutional, medical, mixed-use, office, retail/commercial, transportation/utility, and warehouse/distribution. 

Annual Report
Nonresidential development data is reported once a year for the previous year and includes county-level totals and a 5-year history of development.

Nonresidential Development in Southeast Michigan, 2013 (Quick facts .pdf, August 2014) 

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