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Long-Range Transportation Plan



Direction2035 is the region's long-range vision for transportation. It demonstrates how the transportation system can lend itself to improving the region overall by contributing to transportation goals, economic recovery, environmental health, community revitalization and stability, and quality of life. It consists of transportation projects anticipated over the next 20+ years, as well as policies and initiatives to be carried out by both SEMCOG and its partner agencies to keep moving the region in the right direction. Projects to be completed in the near term are included in the region's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The following links document Direction2035 in its entirety. (You can also navigate through the sections of the plan using the icon on the bottom of each page.) These pages are dynamic and always reflect the currently approved plan, plus any amendments currently being proposed.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Regional Goals and Objectives
  3. Regional Network Characteristics
  4. Regional Transportation Projects
  5. Regional Policies and Initiatives
  6. Regional Needs and Priorities
  7. Revenue Forecast
  8. Public Participation
  9. Regional Consultation
  10. Regional Evaluation
  11. Next Steps
    St. Clair County 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (PDF, 5.2 MB)
    2035 Long Range Transportation Plan for Washtenaw County

Additional Materials 

Direction2035 summary document (Fall 2009 SEMscope)

Original General Assembly adoption documentation (PDF, 57 KB) 

Current Air Quality Conformity Documentation (PDF, 764 KB)

Documentation of previous amendments

Complete PDF version of the plan (PDF, 22.1 MB) 

Printed and CD versions of the plan are available upon request.

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