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What is GIS?
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a rapidly growing technology that allows users to capture, store, analyze, and display data relative to its geographic location. GIS assists the user in viewing complex data, identify interrelationships and spatial patterns. For example, detailed census information can be converted from lengthy tables into easily readable maps allowing planners, decision-makers, and private citizens to better understand past and current conditions as well as future trends.

SEMCOG's GIS supports a wide variety of applications throughout the region. As communities identify needs for effective planning tools, communities without their own GIS benefit from SEMCOG partnerships to acquire data, facilitate discussions, and explore new technologies. Communities with their own detailed GIS take advantage of SEMCOG's wider vision, determining where and how they fit into the regional context.

The idea of sharing information is the future of GIS in Southeast Michigan. SEMCOG facilitates communication among GIS professionals by hosting quarterly meetings of the Southeast Michigan GIS User Group.