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General Assembly & Executive Committee For upcoming General Assembly and Executive Committee meeting dates and times, view SEMCOG’s Web calendar.

SEMCOG General Assembly
The General Assembly is an opportunity for SEMCOG members to network and share best practices, and provide input and take action on SEMCOG's major regional plans. It consists of all delegates and alternates from SEMCOG member communities and institutions. All elected officials in each member community and other regional stakeholders are encouraged to attend the General Assembly; only the delegate or alternate, who have been appointed by their governing bodies, can vote. It meets three times annually in March, June, and October. Meetings are usually the fourth Thursday of the month in the late afternoon. To designate a delegate and alternate for your member community or institution, complete the delegate and alternate designation form.

Current General Assembly delegates and alternates

SEMCOG Executive Committee
The Executive Committee conducts the main policy-committee work of the organization. The Executive Committee monitors the operation of SEMCOG. As the chief working committee of SEMCOG and the financial control body for the organization, it proposes, discusses, and reviews regional studies, and plans and takes action on policies and legislative positions. It is a subset of the General Assembly, meeting seven months of the year when the General Assembly is not in session. Meetings are usually held in SEMCOG’s offices on the fourth Thursday or Friday of the month and are preceded by a networking lunch.

Unlike the General Assembly, where all member communities are represented, Executive Committee members are elected by Blocs in each county to represent the interests of cities and villages, townships, and educational institutions. This election process does not apply to counties and the City of Detroit because these delegates and alternates are appointed by their administrations to serve on both the General Assembly and Executive Committee. Elections for the Executive Committee are conducted during the Member Outreach Workshops which are held annually, usually in late winter or early spring, in each of the seven counties that make up SEMCOG.

Current Executive Committee delegates and alternates
List of Executive Committee Chairpersons (1968 - present)

Meeting Minutes View recent meeting minutes from the General Assembly and Executive Committee. For older records, search our meeting agenda database.