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How to Join

Within the seven-county Southeast Michigan region, SEMCOG membership is open to counties, cities, villages, townships, intermediate school districts, and community colleges. Public universities are also eligible to join, but participate as non-voting, associate members. Local government and education officials interested in joining SEMCOG should contact SEMCOG Membership Manager Amy Malmer at (313) 324-3308 or malmer@semcog.org.

Steps to join SEMCOG

  • All eligible units of government must vote to approve membership in SEMCOG.
  • The Intergovernmental Agreement Form must be completed and forwarded to SEMCOG’s Membership Manager Amy Malmer.
  • The governing body of the member community must appoint a delegate and alternate to SEMCOG’s General Assembly. The delegate must be an elected official; the alternate may be an elected official, staff person, or an individual selected by the member, i.e., private citizen or planning commission representative.

Membership dues must be paid upon receipt of the invoice. Members will be billed annually, based on the date when the member originally joined. View the dues schedule for calendar year 2015.