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Local Government EfficiencyCreating a more efficient local government

SEMCOG is committed to improving governmental efficiency. Difficult financial times have made local government efficiency an urgent necessity that requires a methodical approach. SEMCOG members can request one-on-one consultation related to cutting costs and increasing efficiency in service delivery.

Efficiency Improvement Resources

  • Fiscal Database – Comparable financial data for all Michigan communities from Munetrix. See Taxable values, revenues, expenses, fund balances and debt levels  versus benchmarks. Use this database to identify trends, compare yourself to other communities, and assess the risk for emergency financial management.
  • Self Assessment Score – See if you score among the best on this easy-to-complete survey that can help your community identify areas for improvement.
  • Long-Range Financial Plan — Provides insight into the future scenarios facing local government in order to develop long-range solutions.
  • Benchmark Data — Compare your local government to others within the SEMCOG region and across the country. Check out the Michigan State University-sponsored Michigan Local Government Benchmarking Consortium.
  • Performance Scorecard — See an innovative approach administrators from Vancouver, WA used to measure and improve their city.
  • Performance Management — An excellent book on improving local government effectiveness is offered by the ICMA. Contact Dave Boerger for information on purchasing the book at a discounted rate. After viewing this Web site, visit the other informative ICMA Web links.
  • Revenue Producing/Cost Reduction Checklist — The local accounting firm of Plante & Moran has developed a revenue producing and cost cutting checklist.
  • Benefit Cost-Saving Ideas — Municipal Employees Retirement System (MERS) recommends a number of creative solutions to reduce pension and health care costs and liabilities.
  • Low Cost Citizen Satisfaction Survey — Efficiently measure resident priorities and satisfaction levels in order to assess services, improve performance, and build public trust.
  • Energy Savings — The State of Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth Rebuild Michigan Program fosters partnerships that promote increased energy efficiency within a community. Also, RETAF is offering a no-cost energy audit funded by a State of Michigan grant.
  • MiDealMITN, and HGAC — Receive discounts on goods and services by leveraging the State's negotiating and purchasing power and several Regional Bidding Systems.
  • Managed Fleet Programs — See how the City of Ferndale is reducing costs and environmental impact by implementing a managed fleet program through Enterprise Fleet Management.
  • Archived SEMCOG University Workshops — Provide comprehensive training associated with improving local government efficiency.

For more information and assistance, contact:
Dave Boerger
SEMCOG Consultant
Improving Local Government Effectiveness
Office: 248-875-7120