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Long-Range Transportation Plans

Creating Success with Our Transportation Assets: 2040 Regional Transportation Plan for Southeast Michigan
(Adopted June 20, 2013 by SEMCOG's General Assembly; effective October 1, 2013)

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, SEMCOG's General Assembly adopted the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan and 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program. This is the most important policy action taken by SEMCOG. It directs how $36 billion will be invested to support our transportation system (plus, an additional $14 billion for operating the system). This action by elected officials working with SEMCOG is essential for transportation funds to flow into Southeast Michigan. The plan describes the actions needed to improve the quality and reliability of the transportation system, increase our economic prosperity, reach a higher level of fiscal sustainability, broaden our access to vital destinations, and make our communities more desirable, and protect our environment.
Our focus now moves to implementing the plan via the 500 projects in 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program. Further, the plan will guide the activities of SEMCOG, including improving bicycle and pedestrian paths and amenities, developing a vision for green infrastructure, and creating a toolkit to help redevelop the region's major corridors.

Direction 2035
Direction2035 is the region's long-range vision for transportation. It demonstrates how the transportation system can lend itself to improving the region overall by contributing to transportation goals, economic recovery, environmental health, community revitalization and stability, and quality of life. It consists of transportation projects anticipated over the next 20+ years, as well as policies and initiatives to be carried out by both SEMCOG and its partner agencies to keep moving the region in the right direction. Projects to be completed in the near term are included in the region's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).