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We are eager to assist you in any way regarding information about SEMCOG, its programs and projects, services, and data about Southeast Michigan. Please contact us:

Sue Stetler, Director of Communications
313-324-3428 (You may also send a text message to this number.)

The SEMCOG logo should be used with the full agency name on all materials. Below are two versions of the logo with the agency name supplied under the logo. There is also a version of the logo without text, so that the agency name can be added within the layout, as that often ensures crisper looking text (text under logo should read "Southeast Michigan Council of Governments"). Right-click on any of the logos, choose "Save Picture As" to download the print quality logo. Please contact Glenda Marks if you have questions regarding SEMCOG logo use.

SEMCOG logo_3 lines    SEMCOG logo_2 lines    SEMCOG logo

Permission to use SEMCOG materials
Please contact Sue Stetler or InfoCenter@semcog.org.

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