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Member Services Move Your Community and Southeast Michigan Forward!

You have a voice in regional planning and decision making at SEMCOG. Turn plans into action with information and services available only to SEMCOG members. We strive to provide direct services to members wishing to get the most out of their membership dues. These services, resources, and information are aimed at helping members to improve the quality of life in their communities.

"Good job, thanks for making our SEMCOG dues such a great bargain.”
– Ronald J. Amen, Dearborn Heights Community and Economic Development Director

Contact Amy Malmer (313-324-3308 or to get started.

Improve Road Corridors
Get a comprehensive assessment on primary corridors that cross multiple member communities (each of these services can be provided individually in a single community as well).

  • Road Access Management – Prevent crashes, reduce congestion, and improve traffic flow by getting assistance in developing an access management plan and zoning ordinance language.
  • Eye-Catching Commercial Areas – Increase economic development opportunities and revitalize your downtown with help to improve accessibility of businesses, quality of signage, and outdoor aesthetics.
  • Road Safety – Reduce crashes by requesting a road safety audit to improve the safety and performance of community corridors – focusing on low-cost improvements.
  • Walkability and Bikeability – Improve walking and biking opportunities with assistance developing a list of cost-effective recommendations.
  • Efficiently Manage Stormwater – Improve the management of roadway runoff and better protect waterways by requesting a green infrastructure assessment.

"SEMCOG was an instrumental part of the Gratiot Corridor Improvement Plan...which has had a profound impact on Macomb County.”
– Steve Cassin, Executive Director Macomb County Planning

Master Environmental Regulations
SEMCOG's stormwater management services help members develop stormwater ordinances and engineering standards; request site visits to create stormwater pollution prevention plans for municipal facilities; help prepare pollution incident prevention plans for facilities storing more than five tons of salt; request tailored stormwater training; and receive guidance at state stormwater audits.

“SEMCOG saved us thousands of dollars.”
– Mark St. Charles, Green Oak Township Supervisor

Government Collaboration
Realize significant cost savings, while maintaining and expanding important services to citizens by collaborating with neighbors to find solutions to common problems. SEMCOG provides expert facilitation to members interested in collaboration. Members also can request facilitation of economic development visioning, collaborative problem-solving for specific issues impacting local governments, and strategic plan development.

Government Efficiency
Receive recommendations for achieving a significant cost reduction in your community budget by requesting one-on-one budget consultations.

Information and Data to Drive Your Decision-Making
Access significant data related to Southeast Michigan, especially in the areas of demographics and transportation, on the SEMCOG Web site and in specialized databases. Contact the Info Center for assistance -- or 313-324-3330.

“SEMCOG's support of member communities by providing accurate and timely demographic analysis was instrumental in depicting the current character of the Farmington Hills Community. In particular, your expertise in data analysis and experience in assisting other communities with similar documents was invaluable.”
– Dale A. Countegan, Farmington Hills Director of Planning and Community Development

Gain Expertise in Accessing State and Federal Resources
Improve your knowledge of numerous government grant programs benefiting communities.

  • Transportation Project Funding – Get funding for and successfully implement transportation projects. SEMCOG assists in all stages of the transportation-planning process, including programming projects into the Long-Range Plan and Transportation Improvement Program, providing technical assistance and working on behalf of member communities with state and federal transportation agencies, and assisting member communities in tapping transportation funding resources for critical highway and transit projects.
  • Supporting Economic Development – Get funding for local and regional economic development projects by requesting help to facilitate connections with economic development agencies and education organizations, and identify funding resources. SEMCOG will provide support letters for applications that help advance regional projects identified in the Southeast Michigan Regional Economic Development Strategy or that complement key economic development strategies.
  • Strengthening Sustainable CommunitiesIncrease your knowledge of state and federal assistance available for transportation, economic development, and environmental projects. SEMCOG works with members to determine whether applications qualify for preferred sustainability status which increases the likelihood of federal funding on specified HUD grants.

Gain Grant Writing Knowledge

  • Grant Writing USA Scholarships – Request a scholarship for a two-day workshop on grant writing or grants management.
  • Clearinghouse for Federal Grant ApplicationsLearn of federal grant applications for projects in your area and comment on the impact the proposals may have on community plans, policies, and projects. For proposals of regional significance, members can request a review of the application.
  • Safe Routes to School – Jump-start a program in your community by increasing your understanding of the National Safe Routes to School Program. SEMCOG also can provide data for your application.

“Thank you for your quick turnaround in providing a letter of support and Preferred Sustainability status for our grant application. It is GREATLY appreciated!”
– Liz Hendley, City of Dearborn Planner

Planning Assistance
Achieve complete streets, walking and biking opportunities, invasive species control, stormwater management, and/or increase housing and community development prospects by requesting assistance to develop community-wide plans or ordinances.

“SEMCOG’s technical assistance in understanding and developing responses to neighborhood changes in the city have has been of great help as the city continues to address the impacts of foreclosures on our residents.”
– James P. Hartley, City of Warren CitiStat Analyst/Coordinator

Sustainable Community Recognition Program
Get noticed for your sustainable plans, policies, and projects by applying for recognition under this program. The activities eligible for recognition have been established by SEMCOG members as key to achieving local and regional success. Participating members will receive a certificate of recognition at a board, council, or commission meeting. Additionally, a news release will be sent to local media outlets, and your community will be recognized on SEMCOG’s Web site.

SEMCOG Universities – Free Training Opportunities
Attend free training on a variety of topics of interest to elected leaders and government staff. In recognition of time constraints, SEMCOG offers these workshops in many formats, including Webinars, to reduce or eliminate travel time.

Taubman Fellowships – Enhance Your Leadership Skills
Apply to attend Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government as a Taubman Fellow. Since 1991, SEMCOG has partnered with The Taubman Company to promote excellence in government by offering scholarships to SEMCOG members. For additional information, contact Amy Malmer, SEMCOG Membership/External affairs, at 313-324-3308.