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What would you do with an extra $3,000? Take a long overdue vacation, treat yourself to jewelry, or maybe buy a new computer or smart phone? Where is this money going to come from in our tight budgets? By using SEMCOG’s MiRideshare, a free carpool matching service, commuters can save $3,000 a year just by sharing a ride to work.

Carpooling cuts the commute in half with two people sharing the ride. No matter how high gas prices go, sharing a ride is a great value. Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for lower mileage usage. MiRideshare, SEMCOG’s free carpooling program, has been saving commuters money since 1980.

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Commuter Challenge
Take the challenge and participate in the annual Commuter Challenge! The “challenge” is for commuters to try a new way to work during the month of May. A big incentive for doing that these days is high gas prices as well as a desire for a “greener” commute. For more information, click the commuter challenge logo below.

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