What is Plan B?
There is no Plan B on the table – only another opinion on what should be done if this fails. I will continue to repeat this simple truth as the only guarantee you will get. If you vote yes on May 5, the conditions of roads and bridges and to a lesser extent public transit, will get better. If you vote no, they will all continue to get worse. Don’t hold your breath on the legislature agreeing on how to fix this – they have been working for the last 17 years just to get this far.
Pulse of the Region
Please do everything you can to educate yourself about the proposal before you decide how you are going to vote. The last time road agencies received additional funding for road improvements was in 1997 – 18 years ago. There is no guarantee that if this proposal fails, the legislature is going to act any time soon to provide the needed additional funding to help fix our roads. There is no identified Plan B, only the proposal before you. Choose wisely.
Connecting Detroit Youth to Careers
With all the development happening in Detroit, many jobs will be created in some of the fastest-growing industries in the region such as construction, healthcare, IT, and retail. Mayor Duggan’s Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) program will provide Detroiters with work experience in some of these industries.
Meanwhile to our South…

One of the things I hear all of the time is that you sure know when you have gone from Michigan into Ohio because the quality of the roads improve a whole lot – and I think that is a true statement. But why?

Status report

There are two months remaining before the May 5 vote to increase funding for Michigan's crumbling roads.


Developing Regional Solutions
SEMCOG is a regional planning partnership of governmental units serving 4.7 million people in the seven-county region of Southeast Michigan striving to enhance the region's quality of life.