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Tip Cards and Brochures

Ours to Protect tip cards and brochures are an excellent way to inform your residents, employees, and patrons about the steps they can take to improve water quality in Southeast Michigan. SEMCOG produced these materials for distribution in municipal buildings, libraries, and businesses. Contact Grant Brooks for more information on these materials.

Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water brochure (PDF)
Fertilize caringly (PDF)
Practice good car care (PDF)
Help keep pollution out of storm drains  (PDF)
Clean up after your pet (PDF)
Carefully store and dispose household cleaners, chemicals, and oil (PDF)
Choose earth friendly landscaping (PDF)
Save water (PDF)

Print-ready tip cards and brochures
(the following files are packaged InDesign files with all fonts and links attached)

Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water brochure (.ZIP, 2.7MB)
Fertilize caringly (.ZIP, 3.2MB) 
Practice good car care (.ZIP, 3.8MB) 
Help keep pollution out of storm drains (.ZIP, 6.0MB) 
Clean up after your pet (.ZIP, 3.4MB) 
Carefully store and dispose of household cleaners, chemicals, and oil (.ZIP, 3.8MB) 
Choose earth friendly landscaping (.ZIP, 3.7MB)
Save water (.ZIP, 3.0MB)