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SEMCOG’s economic development strategy Increasing Jobs and Prosperity in Southeast Michigan identified strategies to enhance our region and local communities across three dimensions – People (Talent), Business Climate, and Community Assets.

Our community’s assets include industrial and commercial buildings and land that are no longer in use. By redeveloping brownfields (i.e., contaminated, obsolete, and/or blighted land and property), important assets can be restored to productive use in our communities. Redevelopment of these areas can also attract a talented workforce because of the compelling architecture and a dynamic sense of place that many of these areas – particularly commercial – can offer, leading to enhanced social interactions and creativity. Additionally, vibrant areas can lead to increased business opportunities and an improved business climate.

SEMCOG recognizes that because of our industrial heritage, there are a number of contaminated, blighted, and obsolete sites that have been abandoned or are underutilized. SEMCOG assists members in their redevelopment efforts by providing training sessions for elected officials, administrators, and practitioners on how to effectively use brownfield redevelopment tools. Additionally, SEMCOG shares federal and state funding opportunities and advocates for improvements to the state brownfield program.

For further information on how SEMCOG can assist your community with its redevelopment efforts contact Kevin A. Johnson.

Additional brownfield resources

Federal Resources
Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) Resources
The EPA Brownfield Resource page provides information on grants and funding, tools and technical information, and other initiatives.

State of Michigan Brownfield Program Resources
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Community Assistance Team provides information on tax initiatives, brownfield redevelopment authorities, and other resources on its Web site. Additionally, there are Michigan Brownfield resources available through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

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