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Sustainability in Southeast Michigan

Sustainability in Southeast Michigan means managing contraction in population, employment, and fiscal capacity, while simultaneously improving economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental quality. Local governments are reassessing how they deliver their services with a focus on efficiency and fiscal sustainability. To this effect, SEMCOG is involved in several initiatives that embrace sustainable planning efforts.

SEMCOG Sustainable Community Leader Program
SEMCOG has taken the lead on transforming how local governments work together to align scarce public revenue to create a more successful – and sustainable – Southeast Michigan. We are honoring our member governments for working to increase sustainability in their communities. The topic areas include Economic Prosperity, Desirable Communities, Reliable, Quality Infrastructure, Fiscally Sustainable Public Services, Healthy, Attractive Environmental Assets, and Access to Services, Jobs, Markets, and Amenities.

Fill out the Sustainable Community Leader Application.

SEMCOG's Creating Success
SEMCOG has taken the lead to transform how we work together to align scarce public revenues to create a successful future. We are moving to a new, more dynamic, action-oriented approach to creating success in Southeast Michigan that is focused on achieving six interrelated outcomes, as listed above. These outcomes reflect the common interests of the region. The closer we are to these outcomes, the closer we are to the quality of life that is attractive to us all. And, the closer we are to attracting new talent and jobs. For more information, please visit SEMCOG's Creating Success initiative.