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Sustainability - Green Infrastructure Vision

Scope of the Vision

A Task Force of over 60 people representing local governments, state and federal agencies, universities, utility companies, and non-profit agencies have convened to help develop a Regional Green Infrastructure Vision for Southeast Michigan. The Task Force is responsible for providing guidance and participating in the development of a vision, which includes the following tasks:

  • Defining green infrastructure for Southeast Michigan
  • Benchmarking the state of green infrastructure in the region in terms of benefits. This includes impacts on water, air, land and the economy.
  • Envisioning the future of green infrastructure in the region, based on data analysis and scenario planning
  • Providing recommendations to the public, implementers and designers, and government agencies on how to achieve the vision.

The primary goal of this regional vision is to help us benchmark our current green infrastructure levels through data collection and envision the future of green infrastructure through various analyses of the data. 

Green infrastructure scope of work (PDF, 159 KB)

Green infrastructure vision timeline (PDF, 89 KB)