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SEMCOG's 2040 Forecast

City of Detroit
SEMCOG produces a new forecast of the region's future about every four years.  The 2040 SEMCOG forecast will support regional and local planning in the areas of transportation, water quality, air quality, and community and economic development.  Included in the forecast are population, households, and jobs for the total region and its communities and small areas, which can be aggregated to school districts or other areas.

The process of producing the 2040 forecast began with work on a new regional forecast for the years 2010 to 2040.  SEMCOG has convened a Regional Forecast Totals Task Force to review and improve the regional forecast produced by economists from the University of Michigan and SEMCOG staff.

An essential step in the process of developing the community and small-area forecasts is to present initial forecast results to community officials and use their feedback to improve the final forecast.  SEMCOG will present population, household and job changes from 2010-2020 as background information to community officials with instructions on how to submit feedback that can be used to improve the forecast.  These PowerPoint presentations, containing an overview of the draft forecast numbers, and County information packets containing a draft forecast for each community in the county to 2020, are available for download below:

Forecast PowerPoint presented to Executive Committee (PPTX, 1.72 MB)  

Draft Forecast Data and Map Package (PDF, 4.58 MB) 

Regional Draft Forecast Presentation (PPTX, 1.19 MB)  Audio

SEMCOG will complete and adopt a new baseline 2040 forecast by March 2012 and will begin examining transportation alternatives using SEMCOG's UrbanSim and transportation models as part of developing the 2040 long-range transportation plan.  That plan is scheduled to be completed by June 2013.