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Sustainability - Green Infrastructure Vision

A key component of creating success in Southeast Michigan is developing a Regional Green Infrastructure Vision to identify the green infrastructure components we have throughout the region and envision a future where greening is a critical element. There are many areas in Michigan and throughout the United States that have a vision for green infrastructure, including some Southeast Michigan communities. However, we currently lack a holistic, coordinated effort bringing together all the unique elements of green infrastructure, including parks, wildlife habitat, hiking/biking trails, water trails, tree canopy, agricultural lands, conservation property, vacant property, and many others.

What is green infrastructure?

Scope of the vision 

Green Infrastructure Vision Task Force

Additional Resources

 Green Infrastructure Vision Updates 

SEMCOG/MAC Citizen Survey Results: Southeast Michigan residents who took the recent online survey sponsored by SEMCOG and the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) have voiced their opinions on green infrastructure in the region.

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