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Consistency with Regional ITS Architecture

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) involves the use of computer and electronic technology to improve the safety and efficiency of our transportation system. The use of ITS in Southeast Michigan is not new. Current examples in Southeast Michigan include changeable freeway message signs, the coordinated signal system of the Road Commission for Oakland County, and automated toll collection for commercial vehicles at the International border crossings.

The Regional ITS Architecture for Southeast Michigan fulfills a federal requirement that all ITS projects funded with federal aid conform to the national ITS Architecture, as well as to USDOT adopted ITS standards. The regional ITS Architecture Plan for Southeast Michigan serves as a common framework for planning, outlines its components, and describes ongoing maintenance and enhancement activities. ITS projects are technologies or systems of technologies (such as electronics, communications, or information processing) used to improve the operations and safety of the transportation system. Agencies submitting projects of these types for the TIP are represented in the regional architecture.

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