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Illustrative Projects

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The FY 2011-2014 TIP includes a list of illustrative projects (PDF, 310 KB). These projects are not part of the approved project list because of a lack of funding. The illustrative list includes only the location, description, phase of project, and total estimated cost. The funding is not part of the demonstration of financial constraint, nor are the projects that expand the roadway system part of the air quality conformity analysis. If additional funds are obtained, projects can be moved to the TIP project list using the administrative modification process (unless they involve capacity expansion, in which case an amendment would be required).

The illustrative list was originally created to include 69 projects that had been scheduled by the Michigan Department of Transportation over the next four years with an estimated cost of $619 million but that could no longer be funded due to a shortfall in Michigan Transportation Fund revenue needed to match federal aid highway funds. Since then some MDOT projects have been moved to the funded project list and other illustrative projects have been added by other agencies.

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