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Project Selection and Approval Process

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Development of project priorities begins at the county level with the federal aid committees and transportation study committees. These deliberative bodies meet periodically throughout the year to assess available federal aid funds and select and manage projects subsequently awarded funding. Project selection by these committees is the initial critical step in beginning TIP development. It is at this level that transportation system needs are most apparent. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is responsible for developing projects for improvements to the state trunkline system in the region. As with county committees, MDOT conducts a comprehensive review of the needs on the trunkline system and sets priorities for addressing their needs. These priorities, however are set at the state level.

Federal aid committees exist in Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, and Wayne Counties and the City of Detroit. Transportation Study Committees exist in St. Clair and Washtenaw Counties. The membership of these groups primarily includes elected officials and executive staff from county and local government.

The five major transit systems develop projects for capital improvements and operations. These agencies include the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, Blue Water Area Transportation Commission, Detroit Department of Transportation, Lake Erie Transportation Commission, Livingston Essential Transportation Services, and Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation. Projects are submitted directly by these agencies or through local county committees.

SEMCOG oversees the project selection and submission procedures through regionally approved policies in addition to federal and state regulation. Once approved at the county or agency level, selected projects are submitted to SEMCOG and subjected to a rigorous committee and technical review. Three committees review the TIP prior to adoption: the TIP Development Committee (TIPDC), Transportation Advisory Council (TAC), and Executive Committee. TIPDC is the first to review the draft list and supporting documentation. The committee meets three times each year to review and make recommendations to TAC on the draft TIP. TAC conducts its review and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee.

Southeast Michigan does not have sufficient resources to meet all identified transportation needs. Shortfalls exist in every category of need, including pavement, transit, bridge, congestion, safety, and enhancement. Some of the shortfall in the TIP, however, is due to program funding mechanisms. For example, the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement program (CMAQ), Safety, Enhancement, and Section 5309 programs are awarded on a project-by-project basis each year. Therefore, many of these programs projects for future years are unknown at this time. When projects are identified and approved, they will be amended to the TIP.

Additional Materials

Executive Committee documentation, July 29, 2010 TIP adoption (PDF, 68 KB)


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