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Traffic Counts

The Regional Traffic Counts Database (RTCD) is SEMCOG's central repository for all traffic counts. Traffic counts stored in this database were collected and provided to SEMCOG by the Michigan Department of Transportation; by consultants specializing in traffic data collection; and by counties, cities, and villages in Southeast Michigan. Each count was taken during a continuous 24-hour period, beginning on the date indicated. Counts longer than 24 hours were divided into distinct 24-hour intervals and stored in the database as separate records. Query our Regional Traffic Counts Database.

All counts are unadjusted, meaning that no growth factors or seasonal, day-of-week, or axle correction factors have been applied. Please note that some counts are for one direction only (northbound, southbound, eastbound, or westbound), while others are two-way totals. Counts identified as "link" counts were taken approximately midway between the cross streets listed in the From Street and To Street columns; counts identified as "intersection" counts were taken near the cross street listed in the To Street column. SEMCOG periodically updates the database as new counts are received, so roads currently without counts available may have data in the future.

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