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Transit is an integral part of SEMCOG's transportation management system. In its efforts to improve the mobility of all people, including those with special needs and those without cars, SEMCOG works to help public and private transportation providers meet the mobility needs of the people and communities they serve. Working on a regional level, SEMCOG developed a regional transit plan, 
Improving Transit in Southeast Michigan: A Framework for Action (PDF, 16.25 MB).This plan, adopted by SEMCOG in October 2001, sets the course for developing a comprehensive transit system in Southeast Michigan by combining extensive public input with research and technical analysis to create a system that provides a balance of viable options. A four-tier transit system is recommended and includes:

  • a 12-corridor rapid transit network;
  • enhanced fixed-route bus service;
  • improved and expanded community transit; and
  • the establishment of regional transit links.

Since adopting the plan, the region is implementing several recommendations. These include:

  • The RTCC Transit Service Plan was adopted in December 2008, which expanded the overall SEMCOG Regional Transit Plan with more detailed corridor analysis and recommendations. 
    Click here for details: RTCC Transit Service Plan 
  • Advancing transit service in the Woodward Avenue Corridor from downtown Detroit to Pontiac. SEMCOG, local governments and other stakeholders along the corridor are conducting a Woodward Alternatives Analysis study.
    Click here for project updates: Woodward Alternatives Analysis
    Click here for an approved locally preferred alternative: Woodward Avenue Rapid Transit Alternatives Analysis Locally Preferred Alternative Report October 20 2014 
  • The Ann Arbor-Detroit Commuter Rail project is being implemented to provide an alternative means of commuting between the counties of Wayne and Washtenaw and will serve as the first regional link in southeast Michigan.
    Click here for project details: Ann Arbor-Detroit Commuter Rail 
  • The Wally (Washtenaw and Livingston Line) is a commuter rail project in the US-23 corridor to mitigate heavy congestion between the cities of Howell and Ann Arbor.                                                             
    Click here for project details: Wally

 At the same time, SEMCOG actively works with other organizations and agencies to develop specialized transportation services designed to meet the special needs of the region's residents.

Information about SEMCOG's On-Board Transit Survey 


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