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Travel Forecast
Motorists today increasingly encounter more congestion than ever before. Often, this situation leads them on a search for a road less traveled. Knowing existing travel behavior allows planners to test alternative solutions to transportation problems through use of a travel model.

Travel modeling uses computerized data to provide solutions to or support for the policies, projects, and initiatives contained in the region's long-range transportation plan. For day-to-day operations, the travel model adds value to SEMCOG members by:

  • supporting master plan updates
  • analyzing traffic safety improvements,
  • considering economic development impacts, and
  • determining air quality conformity.

Travel modeling is both required and essential to planning efforts at SEMCOG. This model is constantly refined. Data inputs such as population, employment, and households are updated to reflect current demographics. Data outputs at each model step compare favorably with those of other regional area models of the same size.

SEMCOG's Travel Demand Forecast Model 
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