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Requests for Proposals or Requests for Quotes
Contractors wishing to do business with SEMCOG are encouraged to check back often as current requests will be posted here.

RFP: Green Infrastructure: Target Setting on the Vendor

This project is part of a MDOT SPR grant focusing on integrating stormwater management into the early MDOT planning process. This scope of services is part of a larger project to develop a strategy to align infrastructure goals with watershed management plans for the Michigan Department of Transportation. This contract objective is to develop runoff reduction targets that will result in demonstrated water quality improvements in up to 4 selected HUC-12 subwatersheds. Once the runoff reduction targets are selected, the main impetus will be to focus on and identify green infrastructure opportunities within the subwatersheds with a particular emphasis on the runoff contributions and potential reductions from state jurisdictions. The final report will include these details in addition to recommendations for integrating the results into a MDOT planning process.

Get the complete Request for Proposals (RFP) (PDF) 

Technical inquiries concerning the project should be directed to Kelly Karll. Questions regarding the Administrative procedures should be directed to Scott Failla.

RFP: Michigan statewide household travel survey (MDOT and SEMCOG) 

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) in cooperation with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) is soliciting proposals for a statewide household travel survey. 

For MDOT, the consultant will conduct MI Travel Counts III, a statewide household travel survey of 14,100 households in Michigan. For SEMCOG, the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Southeast Michigan, the consultant will conduct SEMCOG Travel Counts 2015 which consists of 6,880 additional surveys in their study area. The consultant selection process will serve both MDOT and SEMCOG selection requirements. SEMCOG will contract separately with the selected consultant. 

The Request for Proposals (RFP) can be found on MDOT's website (www.michigan.gov/mdot) under Doing Business>Vendor/Consultant Services>Requests for Proposals. The RFP is listed at the bottom of the page under Transportation Planning. The direct link is: https://www.michigan.gov/mdot/0,1607,7-151-9625_32842---,00.html 
For questions regarding accessing the RFP, please email Don Mayle (mayled@michigan.gov). 

Proposal Due Date: 5/19/2014.

Title VI
SEMCOG’s ethic, along with federal and state regulations, require that a percentage of grant budgets be allocated for contracts and for purchasing supplies and services from bona-fide Minority and Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

SEMCOG, through adoption of an Executive Committee resolution on May 19, 1978, has pledged to abide by laws and regulations issued by federal and state authorities to provide bona-fide Disadvantaged Business Enterprises with an equitable opportunity to provide supplies, equipment, and services utilized in conducting SEMCOG business.

All DBEs included in proposals submitted to SEMCOG must be certified in accordance with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).  Below is a link to the MDOT Consultant Prequalification Form.  For additional information, please contact the MDOT Service Contracts Prequalification Unit at meddaughm@michigan.gov.