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Southeast Michigan's Preferred Sustainability Status

In FY 2011, SEMCOG was awarded a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As a result, the entire Southeast Michigan region has been designated with Preferred Sustainability Status (PSS), meaning applicants for certain other HUD discretionary grants can be awarded 2 bonus points on their applications.

In order to be eligible for the bonus points, SEMCOG must certify (via Form HUD2995) the applicant:
(1) is engaged in activities that further the purposes of our regional planning grant;
(2) will perform activities consistent with HUD’s Livability Principles; and
(3) is committed to maintaining an on-going relationship with the region’s efforts.

Interested applicants must contact SEMCOG in advance of the HUD application deadline to obtain the certification form. Sufficient details of the grant application must be provided to facilitate SEMCOG review and certification.

If PSS bonus points are available under program NOFAs links will be posted here.

Please contact Ed Hug at 313-324-3335 or for additional information.

Refer to HUD’s Website for more information on Preferred Sustainability Status and to for more information about open applications and eligibility for PSS bonus points.