Every local government looks to provide the best possible services for the least cost. SEMCOG makes a team of consultants, headed by Dave Boerger, available to member communities to assist in navigating through fiscal uncertainty by improving government efficiency, fostering collaboration, and providing information on right-sizing.  Such efforts will help mitigate the need to cut services, tap fund balances, incur debt, or raise tax rates. Dave’s team can offer numerous resources to assist in:

  • Multi-year budgeting
  • Comparable Analysis
  • Fiscal & Operational improvement processes
  • Organizational Structure
  • Strategic Plans
  • Shared Service & Collaborative agreements
  • Privatization
  • Benefit and Legacy costs
  • Purchasing
  • State transparency requirements

For more information and assistance, contact: Dave Boerger at (248) 875-7120.

Meet the Team


Dave Boerger, Government Efficiency and Collaboration
Buzz Brown, Government IT and Fiscal Efficiencies
Ray Riggs, Public Safety Efficiency and Collaboration

Training and Tools

SEMCOG provides educational workshops on a regular basis. Our SEMCOG University offerings are open to all member communities at no charge. The workshops are useful for both elected and administrative officials. 

SEMCOG has compiled an extensive list of case studies on how communities across the region have accomplished operating government more effectively and efficiently than in the past. This database of case studies will be available online soon. 

SEMCOG has purchased access to the Munetrix database. Munetrix compiles financial information from all local governments across the state. Access to the site allows local governments to not only review their own financial information but to compare their information to other similar or neighboring communities. SEMCOG’s consultants have even more in-depth access to the Munetrix database allowing for more sophisticated analysis.

Developing Regional Solutions
SEMCOG is a regional planning partnership of governmental units serving 4.7 million people in the seven-county region of Southeast Michigan striving to enhance the region's quality of life.