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Census 2010 updates

SEMCOG continues to keep it's members up to date with the latest Census information. A SEMCOG Quick Fact sheet shares the latest Census information for the Southeast Michigan region.

As of March 24, 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau completed the release of local level 2010 data for all the states including Michigan. The Census Bureau’s web page provides the first look at population distribution including race and Hispanic origin for small areas. 

Coming in Summer: Demographic Profiles and Summary Files of Redistricting Data
In months following April, the Census Bureau will release Demographic Profiles and Summary Files of Redistricting Data. These files will provide additional details such as population by age, households and housing units by type, and housing tenure.

The data from the recent release is available on SEMCOG’s Web site. SEMCOG will make new data available as soon as they are released. Additional information is available below.

Census 2010 Data for Michigan 
Census 2010 
Redistricting Data 

The first of Census 2010 numbers (population by state) was released on December 21, 2010. Census Bureau’s interactive map shows local 2010 Census data by state, including population change and race and Hispanic or Latino origin data by county.

You may also check the Census Bureau's Web site for up-to-date data release schedules.

SEMCOG will keep you up-to-date as more Census 2010 numbers become available. Additional information is available below.

2010 Census Data Products: United States (External link)
2010 Census Data Products: United States  (PDF)

See how your community responded to the 2010 census. Check it out on The Census Bureau Challenge map.

Census data help determine how more than $400 billion is distributed nationally to state, local, and tribal areas every year.  

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