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Low Impact Development

New! Low Impact Development Project Database

SEMCOG has developed an online Low Impact Development database to help communities identify LID practices throughout the state. This easy-to-use database can provide information related to all LID practices within a community, a county, neighboring communities, the region, or the State.

The database was designed to go hand-in-hand with the Low Impact Development Manual for Michigan: A Design Guide for Implementers and Reviewers and currently includes all of the case studies represented in the manual. However, the database can also store additional projects and serve as a centralized location for all LID projects throughout Michigan.

The LID database can be used in two ways: as a search for entered projects or as place to capture your project information in a centralized location. There is a project entry form on the main page that has the ability to capture detailed information about projects including construction and annual maintenance costs, design specifications, and capture multiple photos of the project. The database is also designed to produce colorful reports that can be saved, printed, or e-mailed as PDFs.

Low Impact Development Manual for Michigan: A Design Guide for Implementers and Reviewers


This manual is intended to facilitate broad application of LID techniques throughout Michigan. The level of application of LID practices will vary depending on individual goals and needs. It provides communities, agencies, builders, developers, and the public with guidance on how to apply LID to new, existing, and redevelopment sites. The manual provides information on integrating LID from the community level down to the site level. It not only contains technical details of best management practices, but also provides a larger scope for managing stormwater through policy decision, including ordinances, master plans, and watershed plans.

Feedback from users is integral in identifying the effectiveness of the manual as well as providing future updates to keep the manual as accurate and relevant as possible. Please submit comments or suggestions to

Entire Manual

Low Impact Development Manual for Michigan: A Design Guide for Implementers and Reviewers(PDF, 21.27 MB)

Manual Chapters

Calculations and Methodology Worksheets

LID Brochures

Workshop Powerpoints

The powerpoints have been divided into sections as they were presented in the statewide LID workshops in September, 2008. They are available here as pdf files, however if you are interested in obtaining slides for your own presentation, please contact the SEMCOG Information Cener at

Reference Materials

Reducing Stormwater Costs through Low Impact Development Strategies and Practices, Environmental Protection Agency, 2007.

Land Use Tools and Techniques, SEMCOG, March 2003.

Opportunities for Water Resource Protection in Local Plans, Ordinances, and Programs: A Workbook for Local Governments, SEMCOG, August 2002.

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