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Other Ways You Can Help
Storm Drain Stenciling

It is important for people to know that they should never pour chemicals, pesticides, paint, oil, and antifreeze down a storm drain. These materials can harm our water and the fish and plants that need clean water to survive. You can help teach your neighbors that it does matter what they put down storm drains. By marking the message "Dump No Waste-Drains to River" on the curb or pavement near the storm drain, you can teach others how their actions can affect our lakes and streams. Stencils and paint are used to mark the pavement or curb. 

Some communities use plastic drain markers that have the same message. Some watershed councils and communities have stenciling programs you can join. Storm drain stenciling can be a fun activity for your class at school, scout troop, or group of friends, and you'll be protecting our water!

Storm Drain Stenciling Programs 
The Clinton River Watershed Council
Friends of the Rouge

Plant a Rain Garden
Planting a rain garden that soaks up water when it rains is a good way to keep water clean. Not only do you create a lovely garden, you are also helping to protect our lakes and streams. Rain gardens soak up the water from storms that can carry oil and chemicals from sidewalks and parking lots. These bowl-shaped gardens trap and remove the oil and chemicals from stormwater. They can be large or small or anywhere in between! 

You might want to suggest a rain garden for your schoolyard. Walk around your school and see where rain collects and where there are storm drains to find the best place to start a rain garden.

Learn more about rain gardens – www.raingardens.org