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Ozone Action season ended on September 30. Thanks for what you did to keep the air clean in Southeast Michigan.

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Ground-level ozone is a result of hot, sunny days. Elevated levels can be a health hazard, particularly for the elderly, the young, and those suffering from respiratory ailments such as emphysema or asthma. Current standards are much tougher than in the past, making it even more important for residents to take action on Ozone Action days. 

Take action

  • Each of us has a role to play in making air cleaner. SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, asks you to spread the air quality message.
  • There are simple actions you can take on Ozone Action days and everyday to improve our air quality. Learn what you can do. 

Your effort makes a difference. Southeast Michigan's air quality is improving.

  • Southeast Michigan has been taking Ozone Action, a voluntary emissions reduction effort that asks people to reduce pollution, since 1994.
  • Thanks to a regionally coordinated effort, the region’s air quality has steadily improved over the past two decades.
  • View the positive trends in effect for ozone, carbon monoxide, and fine particulate matter.

The bar is only getting higher

  • National pollutant standards are continually being strengthened.
  • Attaining and maintaining these more stringent standards pose an increasing challenge for the region.

Moving forward

  • Using a collaborative stakeholder process, SEMCOG strives toward a dual goal of attaining and maintaining national standards while also promoting a strong economy in the region.
  • SEMCOG works closely with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and local industry to:
    • Use all available scientific data to understand the cause of any violation of air quality standards;
    • Identify and implement the most cost effective strategy for attaining the standard; and
    • Continue to monitor air quality to ensure standards are maintained.

More about air quality

For more information on Ozone Action, watch the video below.