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Help keep the air clean. 2013 is the 20th season for Southeast Michigan’s voluntary Ozone Action program. There were 20 Ozone Action days in 2012 and with your help on these days, air quality was improved in Southeast Michigan!

SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, asks you to spread the air quality message to your residents, members, employees, and patrons. Stay up to date with Southeast Michigan’s Ozone Action program. Become a fan of us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!  We will be using these pages, in addition to our traditional e-mail notifications, to keep Southeast Michigan residents up-to-speed on a variety of topics related to air-quality.

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Ground-level ozone is a result of hot, sunny days. Elevated levels can be a health hazard, particularly for the elderly, the young, and those suffering from respiratory ailments such as emphysema or asthma. Current standards are much tougher than in the past, making it even more important for residents to take action on Ozone Action days.

Residents wishing to be added to SEMCOG's Ozone Action e-mail notification list can should send an e-mail to ozoneaction@semcog.org; put “notification” in the subject line and include name, phone number, and e-mail in the body of the e-mail.

For more information on Ozone Action, watch the video below.

Ozone Action News

SEMCOG declares August 21 an Ozone Action day — August 20, 2013

SEMCOG declares June 21 the first Ozone Action day of the season — June 20, 2013

20th Ozone Action season begins May 1; Going green can $ave green — May 1, 2013