This project provides commuter rail service in the Detroit-Ann Arbor corridor with stops in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Dearborn, and Detroit. The project takes advantage of existing infrastructure where possible and requires adding new station stops in Ypsilanti and at Detroit Metro Airport.

The project is managed by SEMCOG, along with partners that include representatives of all communities in the corridor, Wayne and Washtenaw County officials, state and federal representatives, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the local transit operators (AATA, DDOT, and SMART), Amtrak, representatives of Norfolk Southern (NS) and Canadian National (CN) Railroads, and members of the business community.

Currently, the freight railroads are analyzing capacity on the proposed passenger rail line and will be providing an estimate of the capital costs that will be needed to allow passenger and freight trains to safely co-exist with reliable service in the same corridor. Other activities currently underway include identifying equipment costs, developing ridership estimates, building potential service schedules, and exploring funding options. To learn more about the project, please view the project updates.

This project implements one of the key recommendations from SEMCOG's Improving Transit in Southeast Michigan: A Framework for Action plan. The project will provide commuter rail service between Ann Arbor and Detroit which is a segment of the Pontiac-Detroit-Chicago Amtrak corridor. As a result, much of the existing infrastructure is in place and will be used whenever possible. Moreover, the recent announcement of over a half billion dollars in Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) High Speed Rail (HSR) funds is good news for the Amtrak trains and the Ann Arbor-Detroit Commuter service, as many of the necessary improvements will benefit both. SEMCOG and MDOT are working closely with FRA and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to ensure that the capital improvements for both commuter and Amtrak service are coordinated.

For more information on the Ann Arbor-Detroit Regional Rail Project, review the regular updates below and/or contact the SEMCOG Information Center at (313) 324-3330.

MiTrain Southeast Michigan Commuter Rail Service Brochure (pdf, 356KB)
Most recent Ann Arbor-Detroit Rail Project update (pdf, 88KB)

The technical documents found below are a combination of previous study efforts along this corridor and reports produced as required by the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Starts Program. The technical analysis summarized in these reports indicated the Ann Arbor – Detroit Commuter Rail project would not be competitive in the New Starts program. The region suspended the federal process and initiated a locally funded project to demonstrate that costs and ridership would be in a range to better qualify the project in the federal New or Small Starts program. This is an approach other regions have used as a first step toward a rapid transit system.

Project Updates

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October 2007 (pdf, 17KB)
August 2007 (pdf, 70KB)
March 2007 (pdf, 65KB)   
Draft Operating and Maintenance Cost Methodologies and Costs (November, 2006) (pdf, 300KB)
Consolidated Capital Cost Results Report (July, 2006) (pdf, 139KB)
Consolidated Capital Cost Results Report Appendices (July, 2006) (pdf, 124KB)
Project Update (2005) (pdf, 16KB)

Public Meeting Presentations and Materials

Alternative Analysis and Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Downtown Detroit to Metro Airport Feasibility Study

Speedlink Study

Travel Survey

Lansing to Detroit Study


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