The Regional Traffic Counts Database is SEMCOG's central repository for traffic counts in the Southeast Michigan region. Traffic counts in this database were collected and provided to SEMCOG by county road commissions, local communities in Southeast Michigan, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and by consultants specializing in traffic data collection. Each count was taken during a continuous 24-hour period. The initial search results show the most recent Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) for the given location for the stated year. AADT are traffic volumes that are adjusted by a month and day of week factor to account for seasonal variations in traffic. By clicking on the AADT, that has a hyperlink, you will leave SEMCOG’s website and will be directed to a more detailed report for the specific location. The report will contain the AADT, Raw Traffic Count, and other information. For more information on traffic counts contact Chade Saghir

Traffic Counts - Southeast Michigan

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