SEMCOG encourages Southeast Michigan to try green commuting. Choosing an alternative way to work other than driving alone (or a green commute), reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality, resulting in an increased quality of life for residents.

Along with SEMCOG’s MiRideshare program, we want to educate the public on available commute options. Try a new way to work, save money, and avoid the stress of driving to work.


  • One bus with 35 passengers eliminates a line of moving vehicles stretching six blocks.
  • Taking the bus reduces commuting stress, saves money, and keeps the air clean.
  • Your local public transit provider can help you discover your route.
  • Try two green commutes at once! Bike to the bus stop and take it along on a convenient bike carrier on the front of the bus.


  • Commuters vanpool with others who have a similar route to work.
  • Ideal for commuter groups of more than five people who travel over 15 miles each way.
  • On average, vans get 150 pmpg (passenger miles per gallon).
  • Find out more information and find a vanpool near you.

SEMCOG's MiRideshare Carpooling Service


  • Bicycling is a healthy, environmentally friendly, economical, and fun way to get to work.
  • Just 20 minutes a day will reduce the risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, improve your mood, and keep you feeling energetic.
  • For more information, contact the League of Michigan Bicyclists.


  • Walking is the easiest and most convenient alternative commute and it is free!
  • Typically, most walkers commute about two miles one-way to work.
  • Just 10 minutes a day is a great way to combat fatigue and boost energy levels.
  • Discover more about commuting on foot.

SEMCOG’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel Plan

  • Find new places and ways to get around without your car with on-road facilities, bike lanes, and wide shoulders, as well as off-road facilities such as side paths and trails.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian travel gives us transportation choices, recreation, and improves the health of residents.
  • Check out the plan.


  • Teleworking allows employees to work at home.
  • Telecommuting reduces traffic-induced stress, saves money, increases employee productivity, and job satisfaction.

Flextime and Compressed Work Week

  • Flextime gives commuters a choice with the hours they work, which can be tailored around peak travel times.
  • Employees can also work compressed work weeks. Instead of working five eight-hour days, employees working compressed work weeks work four 10-hour days and take the fifth day off.
  • Reduced traffic-induced stress, flexibility, and reducing air pollution.

Transportation Public Participation

SEMCOG encourages citizen participation in developing regional plans and programs and any substantive amendments to them.

Developing Regional Solutions
SEMCOG is a regional planning partnership of governmental units serving 4.7 million people in the seven-county region of Southeast Michigan striving to enhance the region's quality of life.